Basement Issues

Basement Issues

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Hi all~

Basements are often the first place in the house to develop issues.  In older homes there is so much that can go wrong!  At Vesta we start our evaluation of a house in the basement.  We have to get that right!  If there are foundation problems, the basement is going to reveal the details.  If there are downspout or drainage problems, the basement is going to tell us the story.  If there are mold problems, the basement walls are going to be the tattletale.  Do-it-your selfers and many flippers are often chased out of a property because they see basement horror shows.

Basements don’t scare us!  We know that when we partner with the right professionals, basement miracles can  be achieved.  Knowledge is power!  Foundations that are sinking or crumbling can be replaced.  Did you know that you can actually pour a brand new foundation under an existing home?  If just one corner is “loose,” that corner can be jacked up and repaired.  Cracks in foundation walls?  No problem!  Cracks can be filled and sealed.  Damp conditions?  Mold taking over?  After issues are fixed, bleaching the walls and floor achieves miracle results.  Our #1 goal is to make sure that the basement is safe, clean, and dry.  Our repair estimator and repair budget always reflect what the basement needs.  We don’t just whitewash over problems.  We make sure that the home will be free of basement issues for years to come.

In Cincinnati, Ohio the laundry room is often found in the basement.  No one wants to trek down to the dungeon to do those pesky loads of laundry, especially if its dark, dank, smelly, and unpleasant.  At Vesta we always keep the laundry hero in mind!  We know that you want an inviting, brightly lit space to complete the task.

This is just gross

I would dread doing my laundry here!

Wow – so much better!

Now that’s what I want to see!


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